Vidrule Studios along with its pool of directors and content writers are on their journey to bring alive some of the most connecting stories and ideas. Be it commercials for television and the Internet or be it a requirement for web series and movies, we have the expertise to turn your ideas into reality.


With our unique content selection board and content selection process, Vidrule Studios is the proud owner of some of the most unique scripts in the media and entertainment industry. Contact us today to explore and rule the world of video.    



360-degree marketing services using big data is part of our DNA. With the team's combined experience of more than 50 years in digital marketing, we understand the algorithms of search engines, social media platforms, and audience sentiments. We believe that by connecting the physical world with the online world, we are able to drive tons of engagements for the content that we market. We will help you decided what kind of content is good for your campaign and also help you target your content to the right kind of audience. 


So if you are looking for a company with Digital marketing expertise and a content production experience, your search ends here!

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Some events in our lives are more important than others. Celebrities can add bling to your life's most important events. Be it a launch, inauguration, or a wedding now you can make it special for you and all those attending it.  


The association of brands and celebrities is a winning formula and with the help of big data research, we help you decide the best formulae that will work for your brand. 


With our industry network, we make it possible for you to reach out to the stars.

We can arrange actors, celebrity singers, and sports celebrities for your events and to endorse your brands.  You tell us your requirement and we will do the rest.       


Music can do wonders for our soul. Vidrule and its team love music and it is with this passion that we have managed to pool in music artists from all genres. We have some of the most talented established and upcoming musicians India can produce.

Our musicians do playback singing and gig's all across India, Europe, Dubai, and Singapore.  


If you are a brand, corporate, lounge, or just an individual trying to throw a memorable party for your friends then your search ends here. We have artists who can fit your exact requirement. Contact us today.

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